Giovanna LaMarca

Festive days fast approach… and this spoiled girl has had some special treats to enjoy. Above, almost to beautiful to eat – um, but it’s long gone – this gorgeous fig-filled ring from an old family friend & amazing cookbook and travel author Giovanna Bellia LaMarca.  Lovers of all things Italian, particularly the cuisine (and who doesn’t?) can find Giovanna’s library on Amazon.  We’re particularly enjoying the Cooking of Emilia Romagna: Culinary Treasures from Northern Italy, (where part of my family originates – and here we’ve found some recipes reminiscent of those recalled in family lore) but a chat with Giovanna is enough to start dreaming of a trip, never mind a meal. Giovanna’s website is a wealth of information about her birthplace, Ragusa, Sicily, and it’s continued influence in her life and work.

Giovanna LaMarca

Thanks Giovanna, a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds!  :)

And more things Merry & Bright…


One of my favorite potters of the tomo potters blog departs for Japan, leaving me this cheery red blossom even though we’re all a little bit blue.  Can we say Skype, tomo pals? What time is tea?

Barbara Bell

And this… first holiday message of 2014 from artist friend Barbara Bell & gang sets a happy tone for the season, and a high bar for cool paper messaging.  This print on Japanese book page will be hanging in my little museum in a flash.

Noteworthy moments make the season… collect them up, savor, repeat.

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