A simple and festive idea that comes from the kitchen, but without yet more holiday calories
to splurge on…  herbed vinegars are easy to make, fun to give, and can be as decorative as they are tasty.  A pile of pretty olive oil bottles and the like that were stored up in my cellar the past few years were the perfect impetus for this project and after sterilization, have provided a new and satisfying rationale for my pack rat nature.  Any pretty bottle will do, though, so I fear that I will now have an excuse to save bottles from white wine as well, and I see I have a reason to look at the shape of the bottle in addition to the label while I seek out the cheap-o wine selections that fit my budget.
Ah well, life is complicated.

Bottles at the ready, I searched around for
tips and guidelines, and found these great instructions at the trusty Farmer’s Almanac site, giving me all the info I needed to proceed as well as the encouragement to mix up just about any combination of herbs one’s heart could desire.  I made some cider vinegar with orange rind, cloves & rosemary, and some wine vinegar with rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano
& garlic.  Hard to decide which is prettier… although the cider color seems so perfect for the season and the cloves speak of fall.
A swatch of some holiday fabric and a handwritten tag wrap it all up.

I’m looking forward to passing these around to
a few of my favorite folks this year, a simple gesture of thanks and good will, from my kitchen to theirs.

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