Cape May… a town full of memories.  Gingerbread houses line the pretty streets and we walk back in time to gentler days.  A few grand dames are still to be found, some weathered, some so carefully preserved.  You can feel the old stories like whispers suspended in the corridors of those big old seaside hotels.  You could get lost in time in Cape May.

Many dreams of a weekend escape, many a treasured memory remain tucked away in this tiny community.  And then the summer people go, things get quiet, and the full time residents go about their business.  Only a vacation spot for me, I’m lucky to have a dear friend who knows the real story, tales of growing up in an old fashioned seaside town.  Together we’ve seen the years pass… engagements, weddings, kids being born, loved ones lost, milestones aplenty… some of it against the backdrop of this seaside, some of it far from these shores.  Cape May was built by sturdy people, no nonsense folks.  I know this because my friend’s old man helped build this place. Those days are long gone, but here’s a man who still appreciates a job well done, in the manner he remembers.  Not a man of many words, he made it clear long ago that he understood what I’m doing… he gets it.  The old tools, the old traditions, these things mean the world to this old salt and he’s encouraged me from the get go.  So when not long ago he decided it was time for a special memento for his beloved daughter, he knew just what he wanted.  Cape May diamonds, up to me to make it work.  Years back, these stones were the coveted prize to search for in the sands at Cape May Point, over by the lighthouse.  Tossed by the sea, pretty quartz nuggets called many a visitor to the search on that very beach.  Tucked away with myriad seaside mementos, I don’t doubt that these Cape May stones are found in well worn memory boxes all up and down the east coast and far beyond.  These days, they are more likely to found all polished and ready to be snatched from the display along side the shell collections in the seaside shop.  But the old magic is still there. And here’s a bit of it, a ‘diamond’ bracelet to carry through many more years, more milestones, a little of the Cape May seashore always at hand just for that special daughter.

Specially made for a special friend, may it recall the very best of memories, today and for a lifetime.  :)  Thanks for trusting me to get it done.

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