Quite by accident, and just this once, I have done the right thing at the right time.

The radio alarm intrudes upon sleep in the early morning hour… hazy voices discussing important matters of the day.  What?  What are they talking about?
Today is National Pie Day, and NPR starts my day with an interview with Beth Howard, a woman with a story about pie as a life changing and healing experience. Find the story here on the NPR site, and listen for yourself.  Learn more about Howard’s story and her pie-life on her website and blog, The World Needs More Pie: Give Piece A Chance.

And as if the stars aligned in the sky… after a day of baking yesterday, I am on my way this morning to share
an old fashioned custard
pie (this very one!) with a few of my very favorite people.

Pie should have it’s day.
And from now on, I believe
it will be a day to remember.

Take a moment for a slice.

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