tile floor

The frozen earth is giving way after a long, cold season.  Today there is finally soft earth underfoot, like a big soggy sponge after last night’s driving rain.  It’s a slow start… blustery, a flimsy blanket of sunny rays struggling to warm the long frozen ground and chase the windy chill away.  A late spring this year they say.  We’ll take it!  A spring of any kind!  My season’s ambition: a terrazzo-style floor for my little seed house, long overdue like much else around here.  Above, the pattern is started.  Can I finish in time for some seedlings?  Highly suspect.

A quick tour today of the first brave souls:


Sedum, chives, day lilies poke their little heads up and start the annual stretch to the sky.  Nice to see you, little ones.

The sun has long set on spring’s first day and a wintery wind echoes through the garden.  Sleep tight.

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