I saw one yesterday.  One huge, beautiful monarch.  Not like my less elegant facsimiles in silver, this was the real deal.  It wasn’t here long.  It was delicate, and powerful, and determined.  And though I only saw one, I know it represents so much more.  They struggle and suffer but they keep going, despite what we do to this poor planet.  The climate march was today, I hope some relatives of this little emissary were gliding high over the scene, oblivious to the crowds below.  Maybe following the currents for a quick stop at the high line to visit the opening day of the last section of the park, also today.  Hmm, is there milkweed on the high line?  It doesn’t matter where I dream they might be.  It matters that they be.

Yesterday, at that moment, I stopped in my tracks and watched it dive and swoop through the yard.  I was annoyed that my too-late effort at planting some milkweed yielded no weeds.  (what kind of gardener am I, can’t grow a weed?)  I vowed to do better next year, for next generations.  I cheered for it, I wished it Godspeed, and watched as it disappeared over the next roof.

Click here to find out more, and how to create a way station for these magnificent creatures.  And yes, every bit matters.

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