Summer starts!  Almost.  I’ve been ferrying my little neighbor to her first pottery class this spring… I know it’s almost summer because the fruits of her labor are coming in like a generous crop of tomatoes in high summer!  My efforts are rewarded with this gift of a dreamy sky blue vessel, here on my desk bursting with exuberant white azaleas from the yard.  Thanks M!  It’s a treasure.  :)

And speaking of tomatoes…


San Marzano & Bepino seedlings!  Will it get warm enough for these to grow?  Have I planted too late as usual?  Ah, the mysteries of summer.  Bring it on.

tomato holdover

One little guy has a head start.  A hold over from last summer, this volunteer tomato popped up in this pot last fall, and it made too earnest an effort to discard with the fall clean out.  He’s sat in my kitchen window for this coldest winter in memory, offering the distinctive and familiar scent of a live tomato vine whenever I’ve jostled the overwintering pots.  Early on, he threw out hopeful sprouts at the base as the sun’s light grew stronger this spring.  So I’ve trimmed off the languishing winter vine and we’re starting anew.  See that?  Summer never really ends in the Artigiano kitchen.  ;)

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