Holiday 2018 look back

I've had some long in the work changes to the site (yay!!) but lost this holiday post in the mix.  So, a tiny bit of Christmas still lingering here.  Better start dreaming up next time!

From the bench

...little bit of this and that going on, some comps for a 2 stone project and lots of little details in every state of undone around here!  These rings feel like armor, pretty useful these days  :)

High summer

Sultry garden days, watch out or you'll loose your seat to the locals... that last picture sums up the state of things out there  ;)

Summer, celebrate

Just back from a visit with Alice, and she’s an inspiration. I’m wandering in the woods when it comes to this virtual life, but we had a nice chat about re-posting on Instagram and how that works. So since Alice was loving these little pearl rings, I’ll be giving one...


January, month of doorways, comes to close. Reflecting on portals, it seems that second-hand mirrors proliferate around here. I've taken a survey and they stare back at me from almost everywhere. Very few dollars can provide such a vista. A tiny white elephant sale at...

Peace is a ladybug

How to start New Year's day: find in inbox this drawing sent by a delightful customer whose daughter is wise beyond her years. Proceed accordingly. Drawing by Stella Blue. A very Happy New Year to John, Kathy & Stella  :)  with thanks.  

Winter solstice

Only a few days left, everything is a blur. I step out from the kitchen, warm and scented with lemon, rosemary, chocolate and spice. The early night air feels sharp, the chill jarring after the whirl of warm baking sheets and sugary smudges. Bundled up with packages...

Thankfulness giveaway – 2017

Last year I had fun sending out a pretty fall leaf to one lucky gal, so much so that I am at it again this fall season.  It's a gesture of thanks for the lovely comments, feedback & support I receive through the year.  Those words of encouragement mean a lot! ...

Midsummer passion

Flower that is. Long a summer favorite of mine, and giving this a go has on my 'to-do' list for ages. Cross that off. All hand-fabricated, large passion flower and vine jointed bracelet in sterling silver with amethyst center stone. price on request. Midsummer note:...

Positively peony

Each year the ephemeral peony is again wondrous and one of a kind. Even lovely in the end as a memory of their former beauty.

Bespoke summer

Sure feels like summer today, complete with tiny bespoke sunflower, ready to go. I better get to work on my listings for this little flowers big brothers (see a sample in the background) before summer arrives for real!

Summer song

Trailing chimes bracelet, recycled from silverplate flatware handles, with handmade bangle & chain, gem embellished.

Earth Day 2017, a day for science

This year Earth Day takes on a special meaning. I'm supporting science. Truth. It's pretty simple. Everyday is Earth Day. Everyday deserves the truth. That's what lives here.

Spring cleaning

I'll have some virtual spring cleaning going on behind the scenes at my website for a couple of weeks... updates in the works!

Heart smith

Dickens (Jacob Marley's ghost, from Scrooge): I wear the chain I forged in life. Not such a bad idea, I say. Happy Valentines Day!

Coleus leaves, from my potted garden

Small hand cut coleus shapes make for graphic harbingers of spring. Find these pretty pieces at the Store at MAM, Montclair Art Museum, and take in the new show featuring the influence of Matisse. Can you tell he's my fav?

Thanks Mary

It had to be about 25 years ago, a (soon to be lifelong) friend stopped in to see my new apartment, handed me this A.  I didn't get it at first, then she says something like: 'It's your own place, you need your letter, like Mary!'  She'd gone to some hardware store or...

White on white

Working on some cut paper illustration, based on paper patterns from my butterfly year.  Still fluttering, I suppose.

Secret lives

Last season's geraniums owe their life to this antique volume. Every year I dread the task of pulling out the potted gardens and tossing away the plants I can't squeeze onto the windowsill or rationalize the possibility of overwintering. When a friend loaned me this...

12.16: butterfly project

The last butterfly of 2016!  This one is precis octavia, or the gaudy commodore. And for Christmas, I attached a big one to a chunky hand fabricated charm bracelet hung with and old collection of noir-like black coral branches, vintage mexican silver buttons, and a...

About trees

(last weekend) It's much too late and the midnight air is crisp, almost sharp when you breathe. Time has gone so quickly and tomorrow it will snow, with rain and fog and all that to follow for days so it's got to come in tonight, no question. It's still full of...

Recipe revision!

I made my first gingerbread of the season, and grabbed the recipe card I hand out instead of going to my original copy... well, I thought I made a big mistake!  I listed 1 teaspoon of ground cloves, but I thought it should be 1/4 or 1/2.  But it actually was 1...

11.16: butterfly project

Time for the November butterfly (see calendar page at the end).  It's my favorite... blue morpho (the photo in the middle is from a visit to a butterfly habitat a few years back).  This time of year I'm up to my eyeballs in metal everywhere, so change of pace -  this...

Thankfulness giveaway! Double maple!

I love maple: the candy (super yum), the brilliant fall leaves drifting through my garden and crunching underfoot, the cooling shade in the way back of the yard on a high summer afternoon.  I hope you do, too. With gratitude for your time, your attention, your...

Escape to drawing

It's been a stressful fall, no denying it.  And more stress to come.  So, a day off in the drawing studio does a world of good.  Everything else falls away, just you and the paper. Note to self: more of this.


Tonight the wind is howling, the last of the fall colors swirling into knee deep drifts of crisp confetti against the garden gate.  But it's ok, we've hunkered down, everyone that's coming in is tucked - the last burst of geranium admired on the mantle, and the usual...

10.16: butterfly project

October butterfly: heliconius, a widespread genus with a passion for passion flower and batesian mimicry, where a harmless species has evolved to imitate the warning signals of a harmful species as a defense mechanism. Clever.  Mine has a sizable antique peridot...

9.16: butterfly project

The September butterfly is the eastern tiger swallowtail, papilio glaucus, one I spent a lot of time with this year.  It's featured on my summer magnet!  Much drawing and fussing over this particular critter ensued.  So for right now, no metal... my drawings will have...


The seasons turn the corner tomorrow, but the harvest moon rose last week in a still sultry summer sky.  It's enough to make one forget to howl.

8.16: butterfly project

This month was the buckeye butterfly, Junonia coenia (see the calendar photo at the end of the post).  I’ve drew a super simple, graphic representation of the bold coloration of the species and two fluttered off my bench. August will soon be a memory... butterflies...

7.16: butterfly project

The July butterfly is the red-spot jezebel... see the calendar page photo for my 2016 butterfly project (one butterfly each month as they appear on the calendar. Mine perches sideways in copper and silver on a delicate silver band, size 8. High summer is underway,...

6.16: butterfly project

This month, the butterfly on my calander (below) is one I've already spent a lot of time with... the monarch. So, I’ve been working on restoring some of these wings to my inventory and will be adding some of these missing pieces to my etsy shop & online store this...

Sweet solstice

Longest day of the year, summer arrives. Tonight, the fireflies will wink under a full Strawberry moon. The solstice and the strawberry moon last coincided in 1967, the ‘summer of love’.  The Strawberry moon is said to be a time to seek forgiveness, as sweetness...

Chances are…

The local church is holding their annual carnival this weekend... I've added to the prize table loot with a mini-collection of summery bead earrings in white coral, rhodochrosite (pink), and amethyst (purple), $66.00 value tucked in a little terracotta pot. But...

5.16: butterfly project

Purple spotted swallowtail butterfly (Graphium weiskei), May 2016. (The butterfly project is one butterfly per month following my 2016 calander-see the photo at the end of the post.) This month, earrings! Happy unofficial summer! Look for butterflies!


Exciting news! My young friend next door has a brand new project... My_Tiny_Art_Stand!  As described by the artist: The Person Who Made The Art Come one come all... We are proud to present My Tiny Art Stand!! It's a tiny homemade pop-up that shows up like a bright...

4.16: butterfly project

Drumroll.. the April butterfly of the month is the orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines). Scroll to see the calendar photo. (My 2016 butterfly project is one butterfly per month following this calendar) Delicate silver webbed wings with copper wing tips. Inset to the...

Pink moon

Tonight is the full pink moon of spring, my very own personal holiday. I'm celebrating with this one-off, peachy-pink moonstone bracelet over in my etsy shop. Howl accordingly. Stay on the path.

Paper in bloom

I wanted to make some paper flowers for a display and found this very nice free template & instructions to try at the elli blog... it works!

3.2016: butterfly project

Last day of March... here is the March butterfly (butterfly a month based on my 2016 calendar of butterfly photos). So, this month the calendar shows another european peacock butterfly... the same species in the Jan photo (see that post here). Who edits this thing...

Rabbit, oh, rabbit…

I could use some assistance. Have you seen that rabbit? Find the little chickens on Ann Wood's site if you don't quite have enough to do. It's an adaptation for one of her clever patterns, and she has a 25% coupon on offer through the end of March. Who does not need a...

Jupiter, tonight, like now

Glancing towards the eastern sky tonight, something striking, unusual. So I checked at my fav sky site,, and yes! Jupiter in the eastern sky slightly above the full worm moon. I swiped their diagram to show you, which I hope is ok since I'm fully...

Butterfly flock

This little flock is not part of my 2016 butterfly project, I'm just catching up.  ;)

Loose ends

There's always a thing or 3 kicking around here from back in the day. I figure sooner or later it all falls into place. This week one of our long ago friends stopped in to look at a special something for a special somebody. We're catching up - she’s moved, I’ve lost...

2.16: butterfly project

February's butterfly is the Rice Paper Butterfly (my 2016 butterfly project: 12 months of butterflies based on my wall calendar, a giveaway from the Paralyzed Veterans charity). Just how this one will be worn is TBD... but I can think about that for a while yet, the...

Secret admirer: valentines 2016

Carnivale and Valentines Day collide! It’s Fat Tuesday! Break out the beads and find a guide for making your very own artigiano carnivale-valentine mask here.

1.16: butterfly project

Artists make up these wacky projects to get themselves to do things, often they are personal challenges throughout the course of a given year. I've not been so inclined. But this year I've tripped over one. I happen to have a calendar of 12 months of butterflies....

Seek and find

Finally in the grip of old man winter, it's time to dream about a day at the beach and the unexpected treasures of said day. Good things come to those who walk slowly and look down. There could be a resolution in that. ;)

Happy, new

Find the recipe for this unusual gingerbread cake at smitten kitchen. It must be the Guiness... Happy New Year!

Winter’s tale

Funny how things come back to you, things you think are past. Folks around here may remember, way back when there were a few more trees and a lot less traffic and kids rode bikes around town after school without ‘play dates’. The old shop windows at my dad's place...

Dule of doves

Christmas wishes took to the air this week... and those birds looked like they wanted to last. Peace be with you.


Queen Anne's Lace... you would think at summer's end that it's all over.  The delicate white blossoms that appear to float on a warm breeze, top heavy on slender stalks but now brown and craggy - spiky remnants of the past season. It's not. At the side of my driveway...

Hedging bets

Seed collecting... I worry less about this universe when time comes to stash away seeds and such for next year. Note to self: there is enough, more than I thought.

1000 words

only one that really matters: peace ** This image was created by London graphic designer Jean Julien. The message is clear in any language. We're listening.


Sweet, no guilt whatsoever. I binged on dessert beads, big time. I don't feel too badly, though. The consequences are a stash of pretty little dessert charm bracelets, not so hard to live with. More coming, it was a regular bender. For the record, boulangerie is a...

Salty sweet

Cool evenings, time to start the oven. A peanut butter cookie jag is underway...  consolation for lost summer days & fading light. 1 1/4 cups unbleached flour 3/4 teas baking soda 1/2 teas baking powder 1/4 teas salt 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter,...

Harvest moon

Tomorrow’s potentially brilliant harvest moon is a triple treat... supermoon, lunar eclipse, and a blood moon all rolled into one. End of the world? If so, it sure won't be on account of the moon, if you get my meaning. Maybe better to take the opportunity to remember...

Fall nibbles

Breakfast al fresco in the garden... meet me on the wall, sharpen up the incisors. Welcome, Fall.

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