The occasion: a bridal shower for a favorite friend.  The assignment:  you guessed it, dessert.  Something special, wishes for the sweet life.  And just how do you gift a cake?  Hmm… package up a pretty server, with a note tucked in to the perfect card, found in one of the shops on my Etsy favorites list, MaiAutumn, where another dessert aficionado has captured in a photo her very own home made cake and seems to have invented this lovely notecard just for me.

Time to get to work.

The maid of honor has ordered up something in a red velvet.  A favorite recipe from the New York Times, Valentine’s Day 2007 will do the trick.  And don’t forget the frosting!

I’ll provide an extra platter of my favorite lemony spring treats just in case.  Find Chef Luciano’s (Trattoria da Romano, Venice, Italy) venetian butter cookies residing over
at Martha’s.  The lemon filled sandwiches are my friend Ruth’s ever so useful and previously featured butter cookie, filled with a fabulous homemade lemon curd found with this cookie recipe at Epicurious.  

The table is set!

A perfect day.  Delicious food in a charming and comfortable setting at IlFresco in Orangeburg, NY, where the courteous and knowledgeable staff served my desserts perfectly, with reassurance and grace.

Good work everyone!  Memories are made.  And for the bride, well wishes for ‘la dolce vita’, today and for always with love, from family & friends.

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