There’s always a thing or 3 kicking around here from back in the day. I figure sooner or later it all falls into place. This week one of our long ago friends stopped in to look at a special something for a special somebody. We’re catching up – she’s moved, I’ve lost track of the address, etc. – and she mentions that she is still missing a ring long lost. From my dad’s place and given to her by her husband when we were all a little younger, her treasure was lost at the pool (note to the wise: pools, lakes, oceans – notoriously dangerous places for favorite jewels). As she describes this lost band, this one that got away, I realize it’s sounding awfully familiar. Wait, I say, let me see about something, it couldn’t be. I head to my office, and yes, this ring is easily within reach after a recent reshuffle – now part of one of the very top layers of mysterious archaeology that is my desk. It’s not the one, of course, it’s quite another, but it is the very same design. It’s never been sold… it’s inscribed from an unclaimed love, unretrieved a lifetime ago and thus on the what-to-do pile. I hand it to her. A silent click, a tiny piece of the universe falls into place.

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