It begins, summer unwraps her mysterious riddles, glorious purple and magenta hues stain the evening sky tonight. The days grow longer and I work away at moths… remember this?  It’s been growing, almost ready to fly.  Soon, soon.  Meanwhile a few friends have had a peek at the work in progress.  Good reviews, wide eyes.  And then, last week this photo (above) turns up in my e-mail box.  One of said friends spotted this rare and beautiful treasure at her workplace, and a coworker was able to capture this image on the spot (many thanks to Jackie!).  Noted:  “They really are that big.”

Last night, catching up on a some phone calls, a completely different matter.  But the conversation unfolds with a favorite cousin… “You won’t believe what we saw here the the other night beating up against the window – a luna moth – just like the one you are working on.  They really are that big!  At first, we thought it was a bird, yet how strange at that hour… and there it was.”

Curiouser and curiouser…  these creatures inhabit more than our dreams.  And summer has yet to begin.

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