Just a little bit about my creative background.  I like to draw.  From the time I was very small, it has been a thread that weaves through my life and a visual impression of how I perceive the world around me.  Now I mainly draw figures, little snapshots of a person’s unique gesture, like a fingerprint.

What do you do with a degree in fine art?  You become a graphic designer because you need to make a living.  I have had the great good fortune to work with a diverse spectrum of unique and interesting individuals, several of whom I now call friends.  
I have worked hard to help in promoting some worthwhile institutions, and I hope I have made some small contributions to the good work that some of my clients continue to perform.
 I have had a hand in shaping the vision of a myriad of projects for clients including authors, educators, and artists as well as retail and service business proprietors and continue to offer my advice on strategies and development working as a consultant and freelance graphic artist.

And yet the jewelry studio calls, and the 3 dimensional object comes to life in such a different way than the images on the picture plane. The idea unfolds slowly, and construction begins on a tiny scale.  But the presence grows large and the little treasure begs to be completed.  So sometimes in the deep dark night a magical creature is poised to depart the jeweler’s bench and make it’s way in the world.

Some reading my story may have no idea who I am.  Others may be lifelong friends or those special people who have been so wonderful in supporting our handmade endeavor now through 2 generations.  Welcome all!  I remember so many lively conversations and chance meetings in the tiny and carefully nurtured little oasis that was our public space for so many years.  I hope you will consider this our public space for now… and join in the conversation.

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