Often dusty and obscured, this antique porcelain rose has been has been kicking around the family for years, and I mean years.  I believe it may be of Capodimonte porcelain, the famous italian pottery, but I’m not certain about that.  I’ll need to clarify the family lore on when this delicate creature appeared amongst our myriad of lovely old bits and scraps. I’ve long wanted to take a crack at setting it into something, all the while fearing that ‘crack’ may have become the operative word… my little friend is as delicate as she looks.  But finally, in an effort to banish winter doldrums and celebrate the lengthening of our days, the plunge is taken and here she is… largely intact and no longer relegated to the bottom of the china closet shelf, towered over by Zia Rosina’s age old china.  Talk about second chances… if this vintage lady does not deserve a second life, who possibly would?

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