2nd chances… recycled key heart


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The heart deserves a second chance. And so do lots of other things we often toss away without a thought. Each of these hearts is completely unique… cut from an old brass key, filed and hammered to a new shape with a new purpose. We’ll never know just what this key opened in it’s old life, that’s been put behind us. One or 2 offer a slight clue… vestiges of a long ago marking… Philadelphia Lock Co., Greenwich Lock on 7th Ave in NYC’s Village. The bumps and scars a heart acquires… they shape the future, no? Best not to look back when we can unlock the next chapter in a newly repurposed form. It’s yours to discover.

Each of these polished brass hearts has a study silver loop soldiered on. The handmade hook and eye are also handmade of silver and everything is tied on to a cheery red ribbon.  They’re about 18″ long, and the ribbon can be retied to suit you, or even swapped out. The heart itself it about 1″ wide with a nice chunky weight to it and while they are hammered and shaped, some of the original markings and characteristics are clearly visible.

I can choose for you, or let me know if any particular heart pictured here calls to you.


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