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Artigiano elements, here gathered together as a charm bracelet all in one sweet collection, a silvery string of some very favorite things: a teeny heart, a roughly hewn tiny world, my most favorite artigiano star, just one rain drop, and a little crescent moon. Each of these was modeled by me in casting wax, sent off for molding, and hand finished here in my studio in limited quantity. All are is solid sterling, making this dainty collection actually a weighty affair, made to stand the test of time, and soldiered in succession to a sturdy silver chain. The treasure-string of a bracelet is then fastened to a hand made sterling clasp with a tiny gem bead. Each charm invites musings about the meaning of these universal themes, and why we carry such talismans through thick and thin. At about 7 1/4″ long, the bracelet is a fairly standard size. Please inquire about custom lengths.

The little artigiano eight pointed star may be just enough to guide a dreamy traveler to safe harbor, a north star being perhaps the most practical accessory of all: wayfinder, reminder of what is constant and true, a light to keep the path in view.  Dreamy as the night sky itself, the teeny crescent moon reminds the wearer of the benefits of an occasional glance towards the heavens. The heart, a sweet everyday reminder of all things intangible, yet so very essential. The tiny world calls to mind how simple it all should be, and a chubby raindrop represents the essential element that makes all life possible.

Capture the magic of some of my favorite symbols as your personal guidepost through life’s journey. This tiny universe of charms winks and dances as you move through the day with no end of delight.



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