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An age old mystery plucked from the velvety midnight sky, this little artigiano eight pointed star is just enough to guide a dreamy traveler to safe harbor. A north star is perhaps the most important accessory of all: wayfinder, reminder of what is constant and true, a light to keep the path in view.  About 1/2″h by 1/2″w, this tiny talisman of solid sterling hangs from a soldiered ring on a 16″ sterling chain. Suspended delicately, this special star stays close to the heart, unlike those far away pinpoints scattered across the night sky. Original from my studio, the elements charms were hand formed in wax and cast in small quantities of solid sterling silver, each piece perfected and hand finished. The surface of the star is nicely irregular, with a lovely otherworldly character. Some photos here show multiple charms, but this listing is for the small star on a chain only.

This little star has been a daydream of mine for some time, look close and you’ll see that it’s inspired by the star in the artigiano logo. Bringing this heavenly body to life in three dimension has been extra special, I hope you will love it as much.

Capture a bit of heaven as your personal guidepost through the deepest and darkest of nights, be sure to always make your way home.


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