artigiano elements… teeny crescent moon pendant


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Dreamy as a midnight sky, this teeny crescent moon pendant reminds the wearer of the benefits of an occasional glance towards the heavens. Our moon seems so close but always out of reach, changeable each night yet forever steady, a study in contrasts to inform the daily rituals of the willing observer. About 3/8″h by 5/16″w, this tiny talisman of solid sterling hangs from a soldiered ring on a 16″ sterling chain. Suspended delicately, this moon stays close to the heart, unlike the one we view nightly. Original from my studio, the elements charms were hand formed in wax and cast in small quantities of solid sterling silver, each piece perfected and hand finished. Some photos here show multiple charms, but this listing is for the teeny crescent on a chain only. Capture the magic of our favorite earthly satellite as your personal guidepost through the deepest and darkest of nights.


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