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Our world is complicated, a weighty place. Sometimes it’s helpful to remember just how small it is in the universe… or is that the multiverse? When it all gets too big, it helps to have something small, so easy to understand, ever present and well within our grasp. This tiny sphere of a world is just a bit more that 1/4″ diameter, of solid sterling, molded from a rough hewn wax model, and solid as they come. A notable presence in spite of it’s size, this talisman hangs securely from a soldiered ring on a nice weight of sterling cable chain cut to length at about 22″ long with a handmade hammered catch, because a worthy little planet needs a chain that up to the task of keeping it steady. Your own world stays close to the heart, unlike those far away satellites scattered across the night sky. Original from my studio, the elements charms were hand formed in wax and cast in small quantities of solid sterling silver, each piece perfected and hand finished. The surface of the tiny world is nicely irregular, with a lovely tactile character. The last photo shows an example of how the packaging from my studio looks, although it’s not this pendant shown in the example, and the additional charms are not part of this listing. All my pendants are carded and carefully packed whether for gifting or for you.

Capture a bit of the heavens as your personal guidepost through the deepest and darkest of nights, grab onto a tiny world and know all is well.


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