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Tall, bold, in the mind’s eye stretching out as far as you can see, the sunflower is a creature who knows how to make an impression. Ever the symbol of long, sunny, high summer days. Who can get enough? So many shapes, sizes, there is surely a sunflower for every imagination. I love the ones as tall as me, big droopy heads that invite hungry goldfinches to hang on tight and dig in for the all-you-can-eat feast. Bright yellows petal glowing with sunshine and quick yellow wings slicing through the buzzing summer sky are the very essence of a perfect summer’s day, in my humble opinion. Those smaller sunflowers in market bunches to grab with the shopping are pretty handy, too, when some sunny indoor glow is just what’s needed. The next rainy day is no match for a big old jar stuffed with instant sunshine.

As often is the case, mine is a pale imitation, but I could not resist making an attempt at this beloved icon of radiant days. I’ve adapted this sunny face in a number of different ways, you’ll see it as a pendant, bracelet, ring, and earrings (please inquire if you don’t see the one you’re seeking). This listing features my artigiano sunflower as a bracelet, with the sunflower sitting comfortably in the middle of two hand made, hammered silver arms that wrap around the wrist and close with an adjustable hook and eye, offering some flexibility in the fit for a fairly average size wrist.

My chunky flower is substantial, at a hair over 1 inch in diameter, and very tactile with carefully designed detail. A happy face with a double layer of short, sturdy petals and a center of granular silver nuggets, this summer talisman is of solid sterling silver and molded from my hand fabricated sterling model.

Be an optimist, make your own sunshine. Some days it’s the only way to go.




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