buckeye butterfly pendant


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A handmade specimen, the buckeye butterfly pendant is individually fabricated – only one or 2 at a time – as a graphic representation of the intricate original. Hearts aflutter, butterflies in the stomach, these tiny creatures are so closely aligned with our psyche, if not exactly our anatomy. Butterflies defy logic with their ephemeral yet unrelenting presence, we count on them year after year each summer season. Carry the nectar of the flowers, float through the air as a welcome distraction, astonish and amaze as they ride the warm breeze, the midsummer magic would be much diminished without their ubiquitous annual role.

This pale imitation in sterling has a pretty gold dot at the midsection, and will be hearty all through the year. Perhaps just enough to call to mind a magical summer evening when we need it most, in those dark winter nights when the summer solstice feels like a surreal dream so far from reach. Warm this in your hand and think of the next summer’s generation, already taking shape in warmer climes and winter hideaways, waiting to emerge if we will only allow this earth to carry on in it’s wondrous cycles.

Meanwhile, keep a harbinger close to your heart, keep dreaming of spring, be ready to watch it unfold.

1 9/16″ wide x 1″ high, on a 16″ chain, handmade sterling with 14k gold accent, sterling chain.



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