crescent moon bracelet


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The days grow shorter, colors change. Warm buttery hues unfold and the autumn moon winks in the night sky from behind the bare branches of the old black walnut tree. This year the nuts are everywhere, chiseled down remnants litter the garden after the squirrels work for hard earned treasures and store away the left overs for lean times. Here an oxidized and roughly sanded night sky crescent accented with rusty colored carnelian orbits the wrist. The earth turns and we keep company with that silvery orb, dreaming of spring. Dreaming under that same old moon.

This bracelet is a standard 7 1/2″ women’s size. The patinated hand cut chubby moon shape, handmade hook closure, and burnt orange shade are darkly evocative of harvest evenings. The back of the moon is stamped with a little heart and my shop mark. Please allow for some slight differences that make each handmade piece unique.


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