deep red jasper necklace


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Very deep red jasper, a bit of a moody black night fog on one side, resides here in a hand fabricated bezel. Soldered onto a back plate with the bezel resting at the bottom of the curved shape. It brings to mind a minimalist version of the shape of a peacock feather, balanced with that wide unblinking eye. Night sky reflection or a mirror to nature’s ancient rituals, who is watching? The chunky pendant hangs resolutely from several hammered silver links to drop below the necklace chain, making the pendant itself a little more than 2″ long in a Y style. Two small deep hued garnets attach to each side and hold it onto the sturdy oxidized chain. The necklace is 17 1/2″ long, with a 3 1/2 extender and hand fabricated hook & eye.  That 2″ drop hangs from the center of the 17 1/2″ length. The back of the pendant has a hand cut tear drop shape… is there water on the moon?

A cloudy night, a deep red moon, a winter’s moody chill… the fire is deep within, can you find it?





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