Bright and cheery, forever yours, this vibrant yellow porcelain bloom was meticulously hand formed… by me, yours truly. Each petal hand shaped and carefully pressed out, these one of a kind flowers were made with the advice of a skilled potter friend who kindly fired my flowers and invited me to tag along for a field trip to our local ceramic supply. Of porcelain and colored with bright underglazes, the shapes and colors are an echo of the natural world, and the porcelain is quite sturdy considering their delicate look. With care, this garden treasure will last through the years, perhaps as a bright memento of a special summer day.

Fastened to a generous length of recycled sari silks in marigold and peachy shades, this wrap bracelet closes with a hand made sterling hook and rings. Use the hook, or weave the ribbons through the double rings and tug carefully to close (like a double ring belt). There is enough ribbon so that you can customize the length (20+ inches, multiple stands) if needed to adjust your fit to the perfect wrap. One photo shows other flowers, but this listing is for the yellow blossom alone. All my flowers are painted with underglaze colors and finished with a matte clear glaze, some with more opaque areas of glaze in the crevices. Opening the kiln is like Christmas morning, you never really know what you may get, so colors cannot be reproduced. The unique shapes and colors make each of these absolutely individual.


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