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Rock, leather, sterling. This comfortable, casual necklace features chunky, smooth nuggets of Botswana agate with little glossy garnet spacers in between. The satin finish of the agate shows off the striations that make these stones so special, patterns from bold to barely there hold a graphic interest, a study in contrasts and appreciation of natural juxtaposition. Said to be a soothing stone, these agates seem to gather the warmth of the wearer and capture a natural energy. But perhaps it’s simply the desire to keep a small part of ancient nature close to heart that offers a comfort missing from many manufactured trinkets.

Lengths of rustic leather cord connect the stones to a set of hand fabricated sterling silver hardware, enhancing the sense of an accessory tailored for your private safari. At about 16″ in length, this necklace sits at about the collarbone for an average size, get in touch if you need a longer length.  The center feature with the stones is about 3 1/2″ long.

Imagine a deep, leafy forest, a desert expedition, a sky with a million stars. Most of all, imagine.


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