eye in the sky moonstone pendant


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Watchful… open… embellished… good qualities in an eye. Do you need to be clear-eyed about something? Don’t we all. Here’s a little help, a swirly eye resting within some energetic currents reminding me of an active sky. Hand made in sterling with a small gold nugget recycled to make the pupil, this eye floats above a magical peachy moonstone, antique from Ceylon. Very large and with a generous dome, the stone is carefully set in a custom made sterling bezel with a tiny crescent cut from the back. There’s a little night sky constellation floating back there, too, along with my maker’s marks.

What will it see, is it that mystical third eye? Or perhaps just a reminder to keep the third eye open, to see with the heart and not only our remarkable two eyes. Looking and seeing can be two very different things, look hard enough, carefully enough, and seeing happens. Hustle bustle too much and who knows what you could be missing. Wonders abound for those who see them.

This silver eye is about 1 1/4″ wide and 3/4″ from top to bottom, with 14kt pupil. The pendant with moonstone is about 1 3/8″ top to bottom. Swirls go this way and that but this calm eye and mesmerizing stone provide an unblinking companion to the wearer. Talisman or treasure, you decide. And keep watch.


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