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Somewhere deep in the attic there is an old Japanese storybook about the fox prince, all delicate watercolor and etherial wash. My misty recall of this folk tale involves a magical woodland ceremony, foxes in elaborate costume, and some kind of elusive timetable for the mystical event. Was it a wedding? Must find that book…

Meanwhile here is a ring-sized princely portrait, oxidized silver with a crown of tiny 14 kt gold nuggets. Sly. Elusive. The very best sort of royalty.

Right now I have about a size 7 3/4 complete and ready to ship, very sturdy in a thick sterling plate. This listing is for just that size, available now. The hand cut fox, embellished with a delicate crown of melted 14kt nuggets is about 1 1/2″ wide x 1″ high, and very oxidized on the top of his head with a reddish cast contrast with the silvery chin. The fox is firmly soldiered to a durable hand hammered band with a rustic quality. The reddish cast is an oxidized patina on silver, which is protected with a thin coating of museum grade wax – it is not a different metal but the same sterling as other portions of the piece. I make each individually and do not stock sizes, thanks for understanding. No two are exactly alike


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