fused band with moonstone


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Moon phases pass through time endlessly changing, yet each a special moment. That’s what I look for in these fused sterling bands with moonstone… each a little different, each it’s own. In this one the slightly bluish, small circular stone is carefully set in a hand made bezel, fabricated to the just-right size. The bezel is perched on a band made from fused sterling silver scrap, like it’s own horizon line – parts go this way and that, up and down, thinner, thicker, then somehow it all comes together just right. A little collage of elements, a little bit of moon glow, a tiny universe for your finger. Every night is magic, remember one just like this.

Sized at about 7 1/2 US, this ring is one of a kind. This fused one has a few melted dots and lots of texture. Fused silver is a technique of endless possibility, though, and more are sure to follow. One photo shows the unassembled parts, fused band and bezel, just for the heck of it.




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