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A jumble of gems is a lovely thing, but each should stand on its own as well. The horizontal amethyst featured in this ring is lifted just a bit above the band to ensure the light captures the eye and the imagination. Translucently purple, the lighter tone is unmistakable and the antique one-off cut of this stone is not to be underestimated. The durable hammered sterling band as well as the hand fabricated and fit raised bezel setting are meticulously created to be a just-right match for the stone. Nothing pictured is calibrated or prefabricated, each component is crafted from scratch here in my workshop to become a special and well worn companion.

Sized at about 7 1/2 US. The last picture shows that magical jumble, but be assured this purple passion can stand up for itself quite well. In that photo, the exact one for sale in this listing is the horizontal rectangle solitaire, second stone up from the bottom.

Add to your collection or wear just this one and be amazed by the sparkling color nature captures in that workshop of the ages.




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