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Sometimes the world relies on a wish. A dicey business, you can imagine. And for each of us, that wish might be so very different. Mine for you is that which ever path you choose, the choice is made with and open heart and an extended hand. There’s a bit of both here, along with some small dark red garnet beads dangling on either side to frame this little hand cut sterling silver charm.

It’s a bit of a reference to a milagro, the Mexican folk charms traditionally used as a prayer of healing or a votive intention, as well as the Hamsa, a religious symbol of good luck and protection… warding off that evil eye. It’s neither, just a little hand, well intentioned. Maybe that’s the point after all? If it brings you a smile perhaps that’s enough, perhaps it’s working already.

This little silver open hand is about .5″ wide and 1.5″ from top to bottom, stamped on the back. It resides at the center of on it’s own 16.5″ sturdy silver chain, 3 garnets hang on each side of the hand, and the necklace finishes with a hand made hook and eye closure. Wishes and dreams, the best of intentions, that’s what it’s about, that’s where it all begins.


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