made under a strawberry moon… vintage coral earrings


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Vintage coral strawberries, red-orange, each different and some more perfect than others. Tucked away in a tiny drawer for so, so long, every once in a while they make an appearance, and these particular earrings were made, appropriately, under this June’s late spring strawberry moon. Just a few pairs, fresh picked and quite ripe. Don’t miss it!  Yummy. Some photos show more than 2 earrings, but this listing is for one pair only. Each coral berry is fixed to a sterling stem with a sturdy 2-part epoxy, and the stem carefully hand curved and hammered just so to make these elegant ear wires.

Coral is in danger and we know it.  Please be aware that these carved berries are from quite another time, a time when tiny hand carved objects like this were made by actual people. Made into earrings in that spirit, in small quantities at a human scale, is the way it’s done here. No contemporary coral is used in this shop, only antique pieces.


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