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Locks, secrets, keys… things of mystery, keepers of confidences. Often what’s locked away will only be revealed to the trusted and deserving few. Who holds your secrets? You choose, keep it close to your heart.

Each sterling silver key is of my own design, carefully hand fabricated as a one of a kind charm. This one has a heart shape at the top with teeth cut from a little piece of sterling scrap, and is stamped on the back. While they may look similar, each of my keys is actually quite unique, as is often the case in so many facets of life… the key may be a sweet reminder to look a little closer, take that second look. This silver heart key is about 1.25″ high and hangs on an 18″ silver chain. The ribbon in the photos is just for a pretty effect, yours comes on the sterling chain. The photo with 2 keys shows you how each is different, but the second one in the photo is not included in this listing, find that key in it’s own listing

Unlock a dream, a door, a heart. Keep it safe. Carry it with you.





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