operculum pendent… doorways


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Operculum, meaning ‘little lid’ is a small trap-door-like structure that protects a variety of gastropods (snails), enabling them to close up their tiny homes when their vulnerable selves are retracted. Pretty neat. We don’t come with a door. We build them, too many sometimes. These guys keep it simple. Maybe there’s lesson in that.

This specimen is set in a hand constructed sterling prong setting, firmly grasping the mini door. For a specimen of this nature, only a uniquely created setting will do. This simple, modern presentation allows the small natural wonder to amaze. The pendant is on the larger side as these go, approximately 1 1/2″ high by 1″ at it’s widest point, and hangs from a sturdy soldiered ring on an 18″ sterling chain.

Due to the variation of each specimen, this piece is one of a kind. At one point this swirly shell fit perfectly to a tiny individual. It now seeks a new fit.


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