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Tourmaline is an amazing gem of huge variety… this bit of peach passion is a vintage specimen from this gem family and delivers on size, color, and interest. A tiny personal universe dazzles within this high dome cabochon and the view from every angle is a wonder to observe. At 13.5 ct, the stone has a substantially dramatic presence and is paired with simple, elegant shapes in the handmade sterling silver bezel setting, keeping the nature of the stone front and center. The open back of the custom fabricated setting allows light to travel through the translucent stone and highlight this stone’s properties. A pale peach hue, the stone has a fairly neutral tone that works in any setting and makes it a great piece for daily wear. On a 16″ sterling silver chain, the pendant itself is almost 2″ long from top to bottom, and 3/4″ wide. The sloping elliptical bail shows off the generous fullness of this oval stone with a balance that completes the effect. The pendant is oxidized to make the pale peach tone pop from the darkened bezel.

Tourmaline has long been credited with many beneficial properties: creativity, protection, wisdom. What’s for certain? This juicy, peachy gemstone goodness is ready for picking and sure to bring a smile for a long time to come.


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