scrappy vine earrings


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Tiny climbing vines make there way with determination over small but chunky silver tiles, all cut and shaped from the leftovers resident on my bench. The largest vine loops around to the back of the tile and is soldered shut and joined to a hand made ear wire.

These are completely recycled, made from wire bits and bobs that are an unavoidable by-product of cutting and clipping and making this and that, then winding up with the very pretty problem of what to do with the extra stuff. And look at that, it’s worth figuring a solution to that problem. The little tiles on these are about 3/8″ square, and vining design extends the edge of the tile as any serious vine should. Each pair in this style is distinct based on the scrap pile so if you choose these you will get the exact one you see here, one=of-a-kind.


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