sea glass chunk pendant


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It could be mid winter when you come across the weathered piece of glass, and instantly you’re back at the edge of the sea, gazing out on the vast horizon. These humble treasures embody lazy summer days and the cool night breezes that only blow through sleepy coastal hideaways, and perhaps through the imagination. Luminous is the word, luminous. Each is it’s own accidental little artwork. Tossed for an unknown age, this little gem washed up at the Jersey shore and seeks it’s next home. Evidence that a little wear is a good thing, we all get better as the edges smooth out.  A little more beautiful, too, if you ask me.

A soft aqua color, this sea tumbled piece is about 1.25″ wide by 3/4″ high. Set in a heavy, bright sterling prong setting that I made specifically to fit this piece of glass. This substantial pendant hangs from a couple of sterling rings on an 18″ silver chain.

Perfect if you are ready celebrate the passing of time, or remember forever a special sea-kissed evening.




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