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The mystery of a lavish costume ball… the frenetic intrigue of carnivale…  the shadows around the edges of such events hold a mesmerizing appeal, conjuring the opportunity to look through the eyes of another and remain somehow hidden. Who can resist? We’re each our own sort of magic act, after all.

Each tiny hand cut mask is about 1.5″ wide by .5″ high, carefully shaped, sanded, and oxidized for it’s very own personality, this one decorated with three nuggets of gold & silver at the forehead. Hanging from one side on a silver loop, it hangs on an 18″ sterling chain. If you like the one with the feather shaped decoration, it is also available, just let me know.

If you feel compelled to remain obscured, find a dreamy downloadable pattern I’ve designed for the paper mache carnivale mask shown in the last photo here for the taking.

You never really do know someone…


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