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A springtime walk with old friends through a lovely historical site… I’m drawn, of course, to the stunning forged metalwork details throughout the fascinating estate. I spy a heart motif twined within a patio lantern… forged, carefully tucked away and perfectly balanced, it’s lasted through the ages… a testament to the quality of craftsmanship of the day. I can’t claim to meet the exacting standards of those master artisans but I can aim to admire the spirit. On my walk, I’m drawn in… the metal, the scale, standing in rooms that last the test of time.  There are some places, some things that retain the power to delight and take up residence in the mind’s eye to be called up in a dream. They need to be built, to be made. A stone patio, a beautiful view, a beloved garden, a hidden heart. All to be preserved, treasured for generations.

This hand fabricated sterling heart mimics an antique forged iron design: it’s large, robust, but with the fanciful quality of a decorative garden ornament that guards a specially tended plot. The skylands heart is slightly more than 1.5″ wide and a tad more than 1.75″ from top to bottom, stamped on the back. The heart hangs on it’s own 17.25″ sturdy silver chain with hand made hook and eye closure. Built to last.


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