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Isn’t it great when things are in balance? Something to strive for but often so hard to achieve. Here it’s happened quite by chance, those photos you see – nothing sticking that in place, it just works. This split ring design is something I developed for a friend with some heirloom stones. I made a few comps with a variety of gems to get it right, and sure enough, balance, balance, balance. A pretty one for my sister in law as a holiday gift, wham, balance. So I suppose I’ll be making these, and when I’m feeling a little out of kilter it may be just the thing.

This one features two really lovely old gems, a round brilliant-style cut citrine, 3.2 carat and about 10mm across on top, very deep with lots of facets on the bottom; and a 12×8 mm oval tourmaline in a rich medium pink. Wonderful candy colors, these stones were meant to be together. The hand fabricated bezels were each custom made for these stones and reside at top and bottom of the face of the ring. The ring is about size 7, very wide in front but narrow at the back for a comfortable fit and easy wear.  In the front, the ring stretches about 1.5″ top to bottom and covers the whole bottom joint on my finger. In the back, the band is just a little more than 1/4″ wide. The sterling silver in the band is textured by reticulation, a process where the sterling is heated and cooled repeatedly to bring the silver in the alloy to the surface where is makes a crackly texture.

This ring is large, with purpose. It feels like a protective presence, a bit of armor for our times. Born as spring was on the way, I’ll hope it will always embody the awakening we all crave and the longed for rejuvenation we await as winter reluctantly recedes and we prepare for all to begin again.




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