Summer evening peridot moth


Late summer night, back porch, screen door. And always a few of these at the glowing porch light. This one won’t flutter away, though. Perched on your finger at about 1 1/4″ at the widest point and 1 1/8″ high, this little guy is completely hand forged from sterling silver with a fused sterling body and a peridot cabochon set as his head. Delicate antenna emerge from the top of the peridot setting. Oxidized to a dark blackish-brown with hints of an orange glow, the wings have a brushed finish that seems appropriately moth-like. The moth sits on a little post slightly above a 6 3/4 sized skinny forged band. A likely companion for a magical summer evening on your back porch, at the campfire, or your secret midnight garden patch.


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