Sweet treat: Porcelain rose pendant




Hand-formed, this delectable porcelain floral on a sterling silver chain is one of a kind, from a group of small porcelains I’ve been working on lately with the aid of a potter friend. Each petal carefully hand built, this one is a muted mauve, sort of a flesh tone with a vintage feel, with a varied glossy finish.

It might be apparent in my shop that much of my inspiration comes from the garden, flowers and insects that appear each season like old friends… but I have another, more decadent botanical love. Ephemeral and associated with life’s grand gestures, the sugary blooms that come to life for our special celebrations leave me charmed and fascinated… fondant, buttercream, too beautiful to eat. Yes folks, I may pass on the main course, but I’m drooling over dessert. Now I’ve found a healthier habit… hand formed porcelain inspired by the all that buttercream I should not be eating. I’m experimenting: colors and shapes are delightful accidents at this point. But it looks promising. So if you, too, have a sweet tooth, take a look here once in a while and see what eye candy appears. No calories. Long lasting, too.

The mauve piece pictured here is about 1 1/4″ wide by 1 3/8″ high on a handmade sterling loop and 16″ chain. At .2 oz., this high fired piece is light and wearable. Porcelain, while delicate, is quite durable, but does require the careful wear that any ceramic piece would. The tiny accent buds on the cupcake in photo 1 are not included, and the cupcake, well, that’s long gone. :)

Special thanks to my friend Cynthia, www.etsy.com/shop/CynfullPottery for so much help making these dream delicacies become real.


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