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Small is beautiful. God is in the details. Good things come in small packages. All true.

Evidence here: tiny little stud earrings in bright teal-blue amazonite with sterling silver posts and backs. Amazonite has a lovely color with some light striations within the stone. As a naturally occurring material, each stone is slightly different. At just 4mm, these tiny gems are an understated statement. Sometimes you just don’t need more.

These earrings come carded on a 2″ x 3.5″ card printed with a lovely illustration that is a little bit Primavera and a little bit Marie Antoinette. I dreamed her up and added a sly Mona Lisa smile just for you. As you can tell, she’s eclectic, and eclectic ladies can wear any size earring.

A few other colors are available – see the photo with multiple carded pairs. Just inquire to learn more. Perfect for gifting when a little something goes a long way.


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