tourmaline: watermelon slice pendant, small


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Watermelon, my Nonna used to say ‘lava le budello’ (washes the insides). An unusual way to phrase it, but it does seem that refreshing, no? And I think of her every hot day when I look for my favorite summer treat. The tourmaline version is a visual feast that is just as fresh, just as restorative, and lasts a lot longer. Grab a slice for a taste of summer that and keep that sunny energy going.

The colors in these stones varies tremendously. This particular one has a naturally intense pink center with a hint of pale green around the edge and a couple of green splotches, and is very translucent. The stone is about 3/4″ at it’s widest by 5/8″ high. It is set in a sturdy, bright sterling prong setting that I made specifically to fit this stone, with an open back that allows the light to travel through unimpeded. This cheery pendant has a handmade eliptical bail of my own design and hangs on an 18″ silver chain.

Wonders never cease.





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