2012 comes to a difficult close in my area of the world.  And while this little journal is not a serious place, somehow it should be acknowledged.  I heard quote above cited on the radio last week, and it captured the sense of things, I think.

Tragedy knocks at every door over the course of time.  Yet somehow at this time of year it knocks harder, louder.  And the echo breaks the heart of those who hear yet have little to offer to except for a prayer or hopeful wish.

For those of us who are fortunate not to host that most unwelcome visitor this season, the coming days are a whirlwind of sugar and spice, family and warm reflection.  But all who are grieving the loss of a friend, a home, or a familiar path are not far from the thoughts of the rest of us this year.  And one can only hope that these tremendous losses around us will somehow renew the determination of the human spirit to do better in this world, to leave it a richer, more meaningful place, and that those affected by the storms of nature or of a deeply troubled soul can begin to be healed.

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