January, month of doorways, comes to close.

Reflecting on portals, it seems that second-hand mirrors proliferate around here. I’ve taken a survey and they stare back at me from almost everywhere. Very few dollars can provide such a vista. A tiny white elephant sale at the local Congregational Church is often a source and recently it became apparent that walking out of there without a mirror of some description is a rare indeed. Their sale is an old fashioned affair, community volunteers clearly love every minute and the treasure hunt is widely anticipated – quickly one becomes a regular suspect and the welcome is warm. It’s all about the looking and I suppose it is oddly appropriate that the looking glass seems to be among my favorite finds.

The hand mirror above was a special find gifted this past Christmas to my sister-in-law. I spied it at the last sale of the year and forced myself to walk away from this aged beauty. As I pulled in my driveway after my visit to the sale it occurred to me what a lovely holiday bundle it could be. Aha! A rationalization firmly in place, I sped back and made a bee line to scoop up my quarry. Whew, got it. Sitting atop my dresser through December… “I look lovely here with my fancy pressed glass handle”, it said, “you’ll never find the likes of me again…”. Hmm, perhaps she won’t have room on her dressing table, perhaps she won’t really love it, I rationalized further. But no, this was too perfect a match to keep to myself. I knew for sure it was meant for her on Christmas morning as I opened my own tiny package… and saw to my wide eyed delight that she found the very small birdlike scissors that I dreamed one winter’s night not so long ago – the very pair, the one I never mentioned.

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