This long winter has been so reluctant to let go.  Yet here we are… this week Passover, Easter week, and Earth Day all coincide as if to assure us that yes, winter is over.  The days grow longer, light abounds for hopeful tasks like these vegetable-dyed Easter eggs.  The colors are muted, but the earthy appeal (along with the beet salad made after boiling these root vegetables for a natural dye) assures an easy compromise.

Outside, bright green shoots reach for the sky from beds still covered with leaves as I hold out for a few warm days to clean up fall’s messy insulation.  This year the little sparrows prove to be better housekeepers than I… with amazement I watch as they set up shop in the perfect safe and cozy spot in the awning above the door.  The stoop is theirs. They push ahead in the true spirit of spring… to begin again, no matter the odds, with the best of efforts and every intention of success.  A tall order in difficult times, and yet these tiny creatures rise and meet the challenge again and again.   I will watch, and learn.

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