The first week of January has arrived… the year streches out before us…
what to make of it?

Resolve: I will attend my weekly drawing group when possible and work harder at drawing, somehow without making “work” of it.  I will set this time aside as a refuge and a reflection on the very small history of me.  I will aim to resist the tempatation to sneak out and shoot the breeze with my drawing buddies instead of work on my sketches.  I will replay in my memory that urgent advice of so long ago,
“draw every day!”

And so when overwhemed, overworked, tired, or confused I will follow the tangle of meandering lines back to the heart of the matter and reset my pathway along that fluid stroke yet again.

at top: first efforts of 2011, this week. left: a favorite from the end of 2010.

More to come in this New Year!

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