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Not a moment to spare!  The sun poured in on the shortest day of the year… solstice has arrived.  The coming days are a whirlwind, every moment of daylight a precious treasure, and deep into the dark evening the finishing touches await.  Lists and lists, and oh, just that one more little detail…  and yet, if every thing is not just so, will anyone be the wiser?  Of course not.  Somehow it’s the intention that matters, the wishing that we could make things just a bit more special for family and friends while we prepare to greet the growing light.  So we do the best we can, all the while scheming and dreaming of next time.  And as it unfolds, the longest nights will have passed, and the warm faces with whom we’ll share this season will light those expansive evening hours, as again we witness the return of our brilliant sun and the promise of a brand new year.

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