St Hubert’s annual Canine Cotillian, a festive vegetarian extravagance, happens this week!  April 11 to be exact.  Here’s my contribution:

Big cat tigereye ringsecret cat eyestigereye

Years ago I made a ring like this, not quite the same, but close, a giant hunk of tigereye set in silver with secret cat eyes hidden on the back of the handmade bezel. It was the year of the tiger… I could not resist.  I’ll never forget that particular adoption, it was purchased in memory of a beloved tiger cat by an etsy member who had recently parted with a dear friend of 21 years, it’s new owner related:  “I love that you made the ring in celebration of the tiger. My little two-tone was small, but had the personality of a tiger…devoted, confident, solitary, passionate and proud.”

This year when St. Hubert’s reached out, a ring based on that story seemed the appropriate donation.  I sure hope it will embody that same spirit, and will go to a good home.  All to the benefit of a few other orphans in the process.

Good luck St. Hubert’s!

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