It’s been a while and the New Year is well underway… time to start fresh.

sketchkey heartgarnet rosarygarnet cross

For a special January girl, a garnet rosary necklace, with love.  The little brass key top heart is a long ago valentine, keeping company with garnets in progress.


There will be a white out tonight as a winter blizzard moves into my area (here we go again, another storm of historic proportion?) but this gentle flurry is more my speed, a cloud of vining jasmine has me dreaming of spring.  I’m not the only one.  All around the house the longer daylight hours have already begun to cast their spell.  The citrus and bay are unfolding new growth, the passion flower is busting out, and figs!  I’m seeing roots on this year’s cuttings, and bright green shoots… things look promising, I may be seeking some loving fig homes this summer. :)

passion flower fig cutting

A few winters back I saw a shoe pattern, throughly researched & detailed, in my travels over on etsy.  A nice project for dark days, I thought.  And then, well, life gets in the way.  But here it is, I’ve been following the comprehensive instructions one step at a time, and perhaps, in between the shoveling I’ll finish a bit more stitching.  If I can make something of this, I’ll surely post all the info so you can visit this shop and dream of your own shoes, too.  Meanwhile, a sneak peek the inside out heel view.


A long and stormy night unfolds and we cross our fingers.  The icy wind whirls through the trees and whips across the yard, an unwelcome visitor this dark January evening.  The view tomorrow will be quite different…

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