sea shells

In New Jersey, we all know these little translucent tissue paper shells. Underfoot at the shore, these mollusk shells are the part of very stuff that slowly breaks down to become the glittering beaches that inhabit our dreams. Oh so delicate with a that hint of sparkle, there may not be a girl in the state who has not picked up a twinkling jingle shell and admired it’s etherial beauty, carefully carried home to preserve a special summer day.

On a visit one day some time ago my little friend disappeared to her room to unearth a favorite treasure, so carefully wrapped in tissues and protected by a sturdy red box. “Could you make a necklace from my shell??”

red box

The little box sat on my desk for quite some time. This delicate whisper from the sea required some thinking… how, without breaking this special little memory, could this be a necklace?


Here it is, carefully coated in a resin to add strength for wearability, and set to be a tangible summertime memory for a favorite little mermaid. Stars to boot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstarmermaid drawing

Summer stays with us, all the year.  Happy birthday mermaid!

xo, Andrea

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